Friday 11 September 2009

Foto Friday PLUS today only!! Bonus in-law rant!

Weeks are flying by, less than 3 weeks until I'm back in Aussie. Kind of looking forward to it in that will be great to see everyone and everyone will be thrilled to see Ash, (and take him off my hands hehe) but will definitely miss Ryota and being 'home.'

Had a few in-law incidents over the past few weeks, we're in a futon debate at the moment, all the in-laws are fighting for Ash to be out of the crib and on to a futon. I'm not against futons, fuck I like them, sleep on one! But we spent $400 on the freakin baby bed, it's taking up room, he should sleep in it! Plus, it's a safe place for him, he's into everything at the moment, we're baby proofing like crazy. It's the only place where he can't chew the shit out of something that will get lodged in his throat. Everyone here insists that he's waking up because he's hitting his legs and arms on the crib but I think it's bullshit, we tried him on the futon one night and he rolled off on to the tatami and woke up anyway. So for now he stays, I'm the one who gets up anyway!

The main in-law problem lately has been SIL. moody little bitch has been hell to be around lately. She's always been moody and that's partly why I like her, she's unpredictable and kind of bitchy to people who piss her off, but her latest hissy fit is the most childish thing I've ever heard. She's jealous because her Dad wouldn't buy her a jacket she wanted.... Ummm can you say 12 years old???

Basically, SIL really doesn't like her Dad, she's still cut about how he left her mum, and that's cool, FIL was a right wanker at the time, she has every right to still be pissed. So she never goes to see him or calls him, even when BIL and Ryota and I go, she stays home. FIL always asks about her and what she's doing and we usually make some excuse like she's working because we can see the hurt look on his face.

FIL is pretty generous (making up for bad fathering perhaps??) and always buys us little (or big, kitchen chairs, finally, woooohoooo!) prezzies. He bought Ash a new high chair the other day and BIL some ridiculously over-priced anti-balding shampoo and SIL was miffed when she heard about this. So she called FIl and without even saying "How are you?" first said, "Can you buy me this jacket I want on the Internet?? Just give me your card number..."

I was gobsmacked when I heard that, sooooo cheeky!

I honestly think if she'd asked FIL if they could go shopping together for her winter jacket he would have jumped at the chance, but as expected he said no. Thank god, I would have really lost respect for him if he'd said yes.

Anyway, since then, SIL has been in a foul mood towards everyone, including Ash, which just isn't fair. She thinks that we shouldn't go to FIL's house but fuck, that's our choice not hers. (Plus, I need some new bedding! ;) Ryota got so sick of it he went off his nut the other night and basically said he didn't care whether she was family or not, a bitch is a bitch. It was harsh but even Grandma and MIL told her she was being an arsehole, and since then she's been back to normal. Gotta love Japan and the feeling burying tactics that go on then get smoothed over until someone goes crazy with a knife at Akihabara station....

Been a few other things like Grandma telling me Ash is too cold because his shoulders aren't covered but nothing a few "Sou ne's" can't fix.

OK here are this week's piccies!

Old school! Was having contractions here, hence the timing sheet next to me! なつかしいいいい!

Ash has taken to shouting into wrapping paper then waiting for a reply, very cute.

Drunken photo from the end of the wedding, Ryo-chan looks like he's gunna keel over!

Was this little man's birthday party the other day, we had lots of fun, Happy Birthday Raiden kun! Check out his mummy's cool blog here!

We loooovvvveee yoghurt!


  1. Oooh, great photos! Love the last one!! your little man is so cute! You go girl on sticking your ground on the cot thing. You are the one that gets up in the middle of the night, as you said, so whatever!! And I agree fo rall the reasons you mention.
    sorry for the lack of comments of late.. I have been doing a bit of "read'n run". :) gomen ne!

  2. Yeah for yogurt piccies!

    As for futons,your kid so you decide.And the rest of the bunch can shut the fuck up ne!

    SIL...bitch slap her.How childish.

    And how long will you back in Autralia for?Very exciting:)

  3. Yay! Ash looks very cute and growing so fast!

    We had similar probs with Alex once she started moving and rolling while she was sleeping in her cot. She would wake herself up by rolling and smacking into the sides (often quite hard!)..considered changing to futons (we sleep on a mattress) because she did sleep more easily during the day (she sleeps downstairs on a quilt on the floor)..but in the end, we thought she`s gotta get used to the bed(or whatever) eventually and we also thought it was safer than rolling all over the place..
    Do what you gotta do, you know what`s best for you and yours..
    SIL has some bad karma coming her way me thinks..what a selfish little so and so!

  4. We went through a bad patch with Kylan getting stuck in the rungs of his cot and hitting his head too, I second the kudos to you for sticking to what you think is best!

    After we started using the sleeping bags (I know, shut about the sleeping bags already!) and got him some bumpers we didn't have any more problems with it. If he's moving around too much in a contained area, how is he supposed to not move himself off a futon???

    From what I've seen it's hard enough to keep a 2 year old you can reason with (let alone yell at) on a bed, good luck keeping Ash on one! :)

    And in laws in general? Good luck! I'm glad I just have the one (MIL) with opinions... :)

  5. Is it weird that the last photo makes me crave yogurt?

    Wow, I can not believe your SILs nerve to speak to her father that way- like you said, sure he was a bit of a wanker with the way he left things when he left, but still. Totally unfair that she is taking it out on everyone else, including Ash.

    You look relatively happy and put together during your labour in the first photo...that will not be me in 3 months. And there will be no photos.

  6. Cute overload on the last photo! As for the SIL, hmmmmm she does not sound very nice and am glad you stood your ground on that one. Your drunken photo inspired me to go out and buy some ChuHi!

  7. Aah yoghurt pictures. I swear ALL of us have cute pics of our kids eating yoghurt. I have some seriously adorable ones of Joey!

    As for in-laws, I was pretty blessed with my J-in-laws and never had any real issues with them but I am struggling with my bro's wife. Can't work out what her problem is but she REALLY doesn't seem to like me very much. Quite glad they live in Oz to be honest!