Friday 18 September 2009

OCD snotty Friday

I've been very OCD with dirt lately, especially when it comes to Ashton's face. Fucking hate it, even though I know that I should just wait until he's finished eating to wipe his face cos it's just going to get dirty all over again.... can't do it. Must wipe after every mouthful. And the little bugger hates it (probably because I do it so much...) I think a bit of dirt is good for a kid too, kids who never get exposed to dirt get sick easily when they are but fuck, I can't stand it!

The fact that Ash caught a cold is not helping the urge to wipe his face, snot is waaayyyyy worse than food as well! He started leaking 'nose water,' as they say in Japanese, yesterday and Ryochan told me he'd go with me to the clinic when he got home from work but by the time Ash woke up it was a snot bonanza and the poor little tyke couldn't drink milk properly because he could hardly breathe through his nose.
So in a bold move, I decided to find the baby clinic on the Internet, (we'd never been before) print off the map, and get in Tay-chan holding Ash with one hand because his old baby seat is too small and he climbs out of it while driving with the other hand.
The in-laws were very shocked at this (in-laws being Obaachan being the only one home), and the shock waves even reached Thailand where MIL was somehow informed I was taking on this impossible task. She mailed me and told me to wait until BIL got home but fuck it, I wanted to go by myself.

I called the clinic and after explaining that I was a foreigner and apologising in advance (since when do foreigners have to apologise for their foreign-ness???) I got directions and confirmed there was free parking at the clinic. And fuck me, I made it there! It was actually pretty easy to find, I even wrote my address in kanji like a big girl and filled in the whole form with Ash's info.

This simple task was actually a big effort for me, I forget that I used to survive in JapanLand even when I understood jack shit, didn't have a car and had noooo idea of any of the wacky systems such as going to a secret backdoor window to receive medicine after seeing the doc.

Ash's cold was confirmed and I was given his medicine and instructions all in (very fast) Japanese which may have been a test because after the Doc said my Japanese was great and he didn't need to use the little English he knows. I assured him that any English he used would be greatly appreciated on my part and did a big hearty "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" and was on my way home!

In-laws were flabbergasted at my achievement and it felt good to actually show them I could do something by myself.
Anyway, Ash is on the mend and I'm trying very hard to not rub his nose too much and make it all red. I need some of those aloe tissues from home!

OK, this week's photos are pretty boring, I'm just not snapping as much as I used to, have to go on some photography field trips soon.

Old school photo of the week, getting fucked up on box wine in a park in Osaka...

My metabolic son, check the belly!

My scraped up arm from the stairs fall

Ash eating the table, as you do...

My bruised arm
I'm looking forward to the long long weekend this weekend, suckers not in Japan, enjoy your pissy 2 day weekend!


  1. Congratulations on getting to the clinic by yourself!!

    I remember how good I felt when I followed a map (and actually arrived!) written by a fellow day care worker to a hospital I had not only didn't know how to get to but hadn't heard of at all to then be sent to another clinic because I was 5 minutes past 12pm and reception had shut... I did all that by myself with limited Japanese ability!!

    Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Hopefully little Ash gets better soon!!

    And ouch, your injuries look bad! Hopefully they are less painful then they appear to look...

  2. TG its not just my over zealous baby who climbs out of the child seat all the time.

    Well done on getting yourself to the clinic and back.Transporation independence rules;)

    Nasty scrape on your arm...must go and check out your blog as I missed that story.

  3. Well done on getting to the clinic and getting the medicine that Ash needed! Yay for more independence (and pooey to in-laws that thought you couldn`t do it)

    Your scrapes and bruises look painful- hope they are healing okay now.

    Enjoy your long weekend :-)

  4. your last sentence make me laugh!!

  5. The bub with the extra spare tire.. cute overload.. I've had days of drinking "booms Farm" might as well call it boxed wine.. haha