Tuesday 20 October 2009


Well, we made it back to Japan!

Just a tip, never fly Jetstar, they suck balls.
We booked a bassinet when we booked the flight, double confirmed that booking AND made sure we got to the check-in counter as it opened at 5 fucking thirty in the morning, and we still got stuck with a seat with no bassinet. Fuckers!
We made it anyway, although my tits feel like deflated balloons with all the breastfeeding I was doing to shut Ash up. We were also surrounded by a Japanese school group who had been in Aussie, which is fine, J school kids are much better behaved than Aussie school kids who would have been kicking seats/each other/ flight attendants and planting bombs in the toilets, but still, the choruses of "MAJI DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE???!!!!!" and "KAWAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!" were a bit much after 1 hour sleep the night before and the prospect of another 9 hours on the plane.

Feels very nice to be home, we're having a sushi welcome party tonight with the in-laws and Ryochan even surfaced cleaned the house, (despite me finding a whole heap of crap on the balcony and behind a screen) and labelled the shampoo and conditioner bottles for my mum, how cute!! ❤

Will post lots of photos from Australia when I can be arsed and get my mum being a model grandma and looking after Ash while I waste time on the internet...


  1. Welcome back to Japan!!!

    I don`t think I knew your mum was going to be coming back with you- that is nice, and very nice of Ryo-chan to mark the shampoo and conitioner bottles for her. His idea of cleaning though sounds a bit like Shun`s ie, shoving stuff in a cupboard or out of sight. hehe. I just realized I am going to have to label stuff for my mum when she comes- I had never really thought about it.

    Enjoy your sushi welcome home party!

  2. welcome back! Hope your mum is coping ok (first time to Japan?) Labelling an excellent idea.
    I found myself speaking to my mum, then getting a non-plussed look from her (me thinking why the hell wasn`t she answering me)..turned out I had spoken in Japanese..lol! Caught myself doing it many many times..
    Hope things will be a bit more relaxing while she`s here..

  3. Okaeri! :-)
    glad you made it back in one piece. Will be cool to have your Mum with you, I didn't realise she was travelling back with you?

    Have a good sushi party- yum!

  4. Ooooh! Welcome back Corinne and Welcome! Corinne's Mum!

    Enjoy your sushi dinner!! I can't believe its only another week and a half til I'm back in Kansai!!!

  5. おかえり! :)

    Oh the wonderful Japanese schoolgirl chatter. Lol. The perfect background noise for any location...

  6. Okaeri!!

    All I can say is flights suck, I've been on Jal, Qantas and the Australian Airlines planes that used to go to Chubu... Every time, despite booking, confirming and arriving early some other fuckstick got the seat I demanded!

    You're lucky you got the J school kids.. I had aussie school kids on my flight in 07 when I was heavily preggers... these little bitches in front of me played a reclining game, and smacked into my bump. Flight attendants couldn't control them and the teachers were all passed out in business class with their ear phones on!!

    Hope your mum enjoys the trip... I would go nuts with mine around here.. she's such a bogan :P

  7. Let me know how and if you can get your mum to be a model granny and I will try it on my mum next time!!