Sunday 4 October 2009

Holday from hell.

Can I just say, this is the worst fucking 'holiday' I've ever been on. And what makes it worse, is I can't really blame anyone for it being so shit. I'm thinking of bringing my return date forward it's that bad.

Ashton has just gone from 0 clinginess factor, to 1,000,000. Like he cries the instant I'm not there, and won't stop. I feel like a single mother. He won't sleep in the cot, he won't be held by anyone else. Bugger!!!!

OK, it's now 2 hours later and I feel bad for saying he's been a clingy little bastard.... Went to the doc and turns out he has a really bad ear infection and his cold has gotten much worse.

Fucking J-medicine!!! He was on medicine he got in Japan for 2 weeks and it has obviously done nothing for him. I've now got antibiotics, ear drops, eye drops and children's panadol, so hopefully I can drug him up and he'll start to feel better. The Doc said it's normal for kids to be extra clingy when they have pain, they need comfort. I feel so bad now!!!

As predicted, photos are proving too much for the rock and stones that resemble my parents' computer, so don't think I'll be able to get any up until I can scam sisters laptop for a bit.

Hope all is well in Japan!!


  1. aww, poor Ash!! I hope he gets better soon - I know how painful ear infections are so I can just imagine how painful it must be for a baby!!

  2. Poor little fella, and poor mumma, what shite timing! At least he`ll be on the mend and maybe a bit more people friendly soon and you can get things that you want to do done.
    Personally, the top of my list is to eat fish and chips..;)

  3. Sorry it's gone so bad. Vacations are a hard thing to waste so try and enjoy it no matter what!

  4. Poor baby!! Hope he'll get better and you get some rest ^^!

    One of your post about taking him byyourself to hospital really talked to me. I took myself to doctor and bitch-lady don't even answers my konnichiha ang put under my nose a paper "I cannot speak english please come back with a japapense person" I told her to fuck off (in a polite japanese way) that I came before and just let me see the doctor. She asked what do you have. I AM SICK I AM NOT A DOCTOR! Damned ..

    Anyway enjoy you are in your own country where noone will call you baka gaijin XD

  5. That is definitely crap timing in some ways BUT at least he is ill somewhere you can trust and understand the doctors. Japanese medecine really IS shit. Joey was ALWAYS sick in Japan and I was constantly at the doctors whereas I have only been a handful of times since we came back to the UK. I am glad Ash has some good meds that will hopefully mean his ears clear up soon and you will have your happy smiley baby back in time to enjoy part of your hols. (((HUGS))))