Friday 2 October 2009

Hello from the land of meat pies, thongs and skanky hoes with bellies hanging out.

We made it to Aussie... just.

Ash was quite good on the plane and I ended up crying more than him!
The flight from Osaka to Gold coast was good, didn't sleep and Ash didn't fit in the bassinet but he slept pretty well on my lap and we had a fair bit of leg room and a spare seat next to us. The fun started when we got to the Gold coast, AKA the shittiest hole of an airport ever!!!!
I had to get my luggage and check-in at the domestic counter so as I was waiting in a line as long as the Tokyo krispy kreme to go through customs with a suitcase, baby bag, baby and handbag the tears just started and wouldn't fucking stop, they turned into shoulder wobbles and eventually I was just a sweaty, teary mess.
Had a blow out at the customs dude and the jetstar chick who wanted me to lug my suitcase for 2 hours before checking-in, stupid twat. Anyway, after many tears and bitterness at the fact that no bastard was willing to help me, (although did feel quite nostalgic like I was in Japan) I made it to Sydney airport and was met by my mum and sister. And it was great. Until the car broke down...

Yes the radiator shat itself while we were still in Sydney (my house is about an hour away) and I was sooo rooted that I didn't even have the energy to cry. Luckily we made it home with a few stops to cool the engine but we were travelling for about 25 hours straight. The shower at home was the best feeling in the world.

Pretty settled now although Ash is being a right little bugger not wanting anyone but me. Doesn't he get it that the reason I came home was to palm him off on to other people for 3 weeks!?

Will post more soon but mum and ad's computer is still in the dark ages and not sure if I can post photos... Will try tomorrow!


  1. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck..oh that sounds terrible! God, I bet the shower was amazing.

    I hate hate hate flying..gonna be a trial with a baby too..

    Give Ash a bit of time to get used to everyone..(took Alex a good week when Mum was here)..and then just sit back and enjoy the crap Oz tv :)

  2. Wow that sounds like a hellish flight back with both customs and the car breaking down!! What shit luck!

    I guess Ash is starting to go through that stranger fear stage right about now? I'm sure he'll warm up to them in a few days though and you can be off to have some fun mummy only time and shoppppping, delicious aussie food, nice weather (?) etc!!!

    Hope to hear more about your trip is it progresses!! Amused that Ash was too big for the bassinet. I got a seat with one for my flight home as well

  3. My tears at the airport worked - but then maybe you need to be covered in kiddy vomit too!! What a bitch of a long haul. Car breaking down REALLY not what you needed at end of all that!

    Hope palming off is successful - and if not then just leave Ash in your mum's capable hands and get out of the house where you can't hear him cry.

    That said, my mum would go out with me and Shou and Marina but wouldn't look after them without me.

    Hence why I am not going home again with small children. Well, at least until they listen to me or money falls from the sky and I can afford a nanny!

    And ditto on the skanky hoes with bellies hanging out. I was shocked when I went home at christmas.

  4. Is that the equivalent to hoochie mama's?