Friday 23 October 2009

Fifteen million foto thank fuck it's Friday

God blogging is becoming almost impossible!
I've been trying to get back into bento making and washing and stuff but it's hard to get motivated for some reason (maybe because it's the most under-appreciated, mind-numbing work possible??).
Also, with mum here, blog bitching about her is proving difficult with her looking over my shoulder all the time! haha, no mum isn't that bad, we have our differences and she annoys the shit out of me with her cat shagging around but I do love her and she is a very good mum to me. It's much better now we're back in Japan too, on my turf, where I can control how late (or not late) we are.

Finally getting round to uploading Australia photos, not so interesting but photos all the same.

In other news, in a fit of 'I haven't seen you 3 weeks' passion the other night Ryota and I, err... went for it with no baby blockey... Fuck me, now I'm going to be worried until I know for sure I'm not knocked up. Actually, now I think about it, it was less a fit of wild passion and more a fit of 'Fuck, my mum is in the next a Japanese house where every noise is heard times about 20 fucking thousand and the condom wrapper would be soooooo obvious.' 3 of my friends have all gotten preggers when their babies were about 6 months old, and even though there are benefits, I'm not ready for that shit. After relaying these concerns to Ryota he said he wanted another one and he would look after Ash. Yeh right! Silly boy.

OK, mum is out of the shower and I'm trying to hide the fact that I write a blog from her so I'll leave it there...

My 2 best friends and Ashy bear at BBQ.

Kylan and I.

Ash and my ex's mum... Yup that's another complicated story for another day...

The wild parrots that come to our balcony everyday and a very bemused Ash. "Nature!? Huh??"

My friend Vi, Ash, her new little girl Eva and I. She's soooooo tiny!!!

Ash givin Aunty Missy the thumbs up!

Gettin into the dishwasher.

Grandad and Ash ready for bed.

More of the two wild lizardy things that come to our garden next to the statue.

Family dinner.

Cheeky monkey.


Typical dopey Ash shot.

My sister, shortly after being smacked in the head by mum.


  1. Uh oh... well be checking in here in about 2 weeks to see if there is any news @_@

    I don't know why but I enjoy the last pic of your mum and sis and Ash is just kinda watching like "wuh?!"

    I'll be seeing you in a just about a week!!! woo hooooooo

  2. Good to hear its not only me that hides my blog from family :)

    Here`s hoping the little swimmers didn`t make it this time.
    Why is your mum smacking your sister in the head??

  3. love the photos! had a great laugh at the lizard thing... had to double check the other one was a statue (yep.. eyes are bad)

    Fingers crossed you aren't up the duff.. I in the other hand wouldn't mind :P

  4. Part of the reason that alot of my blog is PW-protected is to keep it from random searches on the internet that might cause my family to stumble upon it so I understand that way of thinking completely! LOL!

    As for the chances of you being pregnant, wasn't it you who said you couldn't get pregnant as you were going to be a bridesmaid?! ;-) Talk about jinxing yourself! ;-) Fingers crossed you aren't though if that isn't what you want.