Wednesday 7 October 2009

Better, much freakin better!

I'm so so happy to report that Ashton is much better and that was the reason he was clingy, I thought it was strange, he's never been clingy before!
He's also bonded with my mum and dad, which is good because in the beginning they seemed to be not interested in him because he was crying all the time and were bonding more with our friend's dog than with him!!!
I guess I'm just used to the Japanese in-laws who really take over Ash wherever we are, but the whole western philosophy of "let the mum take care of her own baby" was a bit hard to get used to again!

I even got out for a run along the beach this morning (even though I had fucking icicles dripping off my nose!!!!), Australia has no winter my arse it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey! Uh oh, been around dad too long and am starting to pick up his sayings...

My mum frustrates me sooooo much, as much as I really do love her she annoys the shit out of me, and my dad seems to emanate tension wherever he goes but despite that I do love them and am starting to warm up to the fact that I'm back. The food here is atrocious, as in tastes awesome but I can feel the fat starting to pile on already. I've already had fish and chips twice, red rooster, a pie, twisties, cadbury's.... I need some bland, boring J-food to even me out!! Still running though so I'll use that excuse...

Sorry, incredibly boring stuff but not being doing much. I can't stand Aussie people, they're just so feral. Look at me being all snobby!!! But honestly, I'm missing the para-para girls and boys, at least they don't walk around with their bellies hanging out yelling "Oi fuck off Robbo ya poofta!!!"
haha, Or maybe they do, but it"s lost in a keigo translation whirlwind....

Catching up with my good mate tomorrow night so that should be fun, looking forward to buying some clothes that don't resemble midget gypsies as well!


  1. bahahah! lol you snob you, but soo know where you are coming from. Japan spoils you that way so when you go home you realise you have to fend a lot more for yourself.
    yay for the fish and chips! Damn that they taste so good..I suppose anything that does is bad for you eh..
    Good to hear Ash is well, and you are getting some chill time, here`s hoping you get some decent weather before you get back.
    At least you`re missing the nasty typhoon that is here now..

  2. I had the exact same repulsion when I visited my sister in the UK. I went to the shopping center and just sat on a bench, winded by the sheer force of my senses being assaulted in all directions by the people walking by. Felt snobby too. Glad to know it's a normal post-Japan reaction...

  3. Yep, I noticed the chicks with their bellies poking out here too! It's reverse culture shock you are going through! I had to have a chuckle at your Dad's brass monkey saying, my dad says the same thing (although English is his 2nd language) Brisbane Katie

  4. Glad Ash is better and that you can actually enjoy your holiday now!

  5. After getting home from Japan, Yasu and I both felt like that. Now we can't even stand going shopping because in Hokkaido the shops were not crowded at all, but here every man and his dog are out, in your personal space.
    God i miss japan!