Friday 9 October 2009

Well fuck me, I miss Japan!

You know, every time I leave Australia, I think, man, I love the beach, the open spaces, seeing my friends and family.... But when I'm here, I just know why I don't live here anymore, and more importantly, why I live in Japan...

My family are driving me just a teeny bit nuts, Ash was being a little shite to begin with but he's a lot better now, but still I'm having to do EVERYTHING for him. I guess I'm used to my MIL, who will just take over all duties for me when she looks after him, but my family has not changed his nappy once, (and there's been LOTS of shitty changes due to fucking awful Australian baby food, cheese pasta for an 8 month old!?) they rarely bother with feeding him and can't put him to bed.
I'm so fucking worn out and I know every cunt in Japan is going to be all "Ohhhh you must be sooo relaxed after a holiday in Australia with your mum to look after the baby!!!" When actually, I can't wait to get back, just for a bit of peace. He doesn't sleep well here, it's cold, my family aren't helping me, we're all sick, I've left the house maybe twice.... So yup, cunting holiday it is!

I had to laugh at all the typhoon hype in Japan, Ryota was saying how big it was going to be and my prediction of a bit of a windy day came true, for Osaka at least. I'm sure it was bad in some part of Japan but I'm guessing the storms here were worse than what they got at our house.

Sorry I haven't been commenting much on anyone's blogs, am holing Ash and typing one handed right now, just haven't had the time. One up side is we've really bonded (could be good or bad) and if he's crying, a mummy cuddle is all he needs to fix it now.

Planning to go back to work from November and can't wait to use the old noggin again, am also looking forward to wearing actual clothes and make-up again as opposed to the recent dowdy mummy attire.

Only 10 days left and I'm home, horrible to say but I can't fucking wait!!!

5 reasons I don't want to live here anymore-

1) Drivers are rude, arrogant, inconsiderate twats.

2) Most kids/teens are so fucking feral and rude.

3) Nothing is efficient.

4) Can't eat udon as a back-up meal any day of the week.

5) Shops close at 5 o fucking clock.


  1. Sorry to hear you`re having a shit holiday. My family is pretty good helping out with Poppy when we visit, but I agree with you on every other point, especially the shops closing at 5pm. After living next to a convenence store I have lost my bility to plan my shopping list ahead of time. I get caught without stuff all the time back home now.
    Come back soon. We miss you!

  2. ditto on the crap family helpage. So not a 'holiday'. Ditton again on your list - just insert New Zealand. Udon is best back up meal ever. Freezer alsways has loads of udon.

    You are a very good one handed typist. When I one hand can never be faffed with punctuation.

  3. sympathy hugs..must be shite not getting any help..not much of a `holiday` at all..heres hoping things get a little better and you have some fun before you come back..

  4. See you just listed 5 vert good reasons that I don`t want to move to Australia. The shops shutting thing is HUGE, even though everyone tells me I am being silly and that you make do etc. etc.
    I am so sorry you had a shitty holiday but at least it reaffirms your choice of being in Japan, there is a silver lining to every cloud and all that!

  5. Good to see I'm not the only one who hates a trip back home ( i don't know if you have seen my withallmylove blog but i have moved to another blog instead ;) )
    WHen I first go homeI'm like "yay!" then it hits me with the rude cunty school kids that don't get out of your way... I mean school boys here actually say "good morning/ good evening" and ask if you need help with the cunt of a stroller you are pushing... Back home... what did i get? A bunch of feral pricks laughing at me when I couldn't get my pram up onto the train alone. There are so many things I could say I miss About back home.. but it all comes down to the people. Japanese have manners and a certain level of respect towards fellow commuters/ pedestrians... Australia is a little dodgy after me being treated like royalty here!!

    I just got off the phone to my mother and after a very frustrating conversation I'm even more gad to be here!

    As for the typhoon.. turns out we did get a little damage. I only noticed it yesterday but a part of Riki's parents house at the side had ripped off! Some rendered wall thats only there for decoration.. but none the less.. it was GONE and no one but me noticed... until yesterday!! :o

  6. Sorry to hear your trip home hasn't been ideal!
    You are going back to work soon?! Ohh more details? What sort of work are you looking into?

    I'll see you in less than 3 weeks!!! I can't wait

  7. Yes, bloody 5 oclock. I live in Aus full-time and that pisses me off!! For some reason they never consider the people that work 6 days per week and have sunday's off, when there is no sunday trading either! Bloody australia.

    Sorry you've had a shit time! :(