Monday 26 July 2010

Back from the cattle call.

Moooooo, mummy cow and baby cow are back from the year and a half cattle call check-up and happy to report that apart from being on the chunky side, Ash is perfectly healthy! He's in the 90 percentile for weight and height, so despite saying he was too fat, they said it was fine because he has the balance going for him.
No cavities, although I don't know how that happened, little bastard never lets me brush is teeth... could point to the car and would not stop saying BANANA!! BANANA!!! and managed to make a building with blocks so checks out in the mental department too. He had a great time stealing all the anpanman balls from all the other pip squeak kids, he was actually carrying 5 at a time while all the other kids bawled their eyes out. So despite being tuckered out and in need of a power nap, I'm relieved that he's one healthy little chubster.

As usual I got the , "Ooooooo he's so big!! But then you're big too so...." which never ceases to offend me despite the meaning of 'big' in Japanese not having the same connotations as English, and random mothers spitting out English words and edging closer to me to suck some free English out of me and cram it in to their kiddies' brains. No freebies this time biatches, I was handing out business cards left right and centre!

Ryota's dopey BFF was over last night where they had a secret surfers meeting which involved lots of smoking, drawing diagrams of dream surf boards and fantasising about doing a three-day surfing trip. Ha! Over my dead body, if there are any three day beach trips going on I am sooooo in on that action. He also presented me with about $20 worth of Australian money that he had left over from when he lived there which was nice but annoying at the same time as was all in $1 coins...Ironic too as he doesn't speak a word of English despite living there for a year! He also made the observation that Ashton looks like the English soccer player Wayne Rooney, who was voted the ugliest player of the world cup!!! Thanks for that! But when he got the picture up on the computer, I can actually see the resemblance, zannen Ash, zannen...

Apart from that, not much going on, got a busy night at the school so best be off to do some work!


  1. You know what is funny, I used to get the "he's sooo big but you are soo big so it isn't surprising" thing here ALL the time but actually, here in the UK, Joey is one of the smaller boys in his class. He isn't the smallest (obviously as he is still quite tall and stocky) but he is probably about average for his age which is funny given how over-excited everyone got about his size in Japan. Now (being me) I am of course worried that he is going to get his baa-baa/jii-jii's genes and be a real short-arse, which in my opinion would be WAY worse than growing up being super tall and having everyone comment on it! ;-)

  2. Love that you were passing out meishi left, right and center at the health check up. And who cares if Ash thinks a car is banana, what legend for getting a word out and good effort for stealing all the balls. You could have just told nurse that Ash just got mixed up as B is (obviously) before C in his flashcard series and banana came out but given a few more seconds he would have gotten to car, dickhead, eggplant, fuckwit, .....

    I swear my kids are going to scream out 'for fucks sake' at the kinder teachers one day.

  3. wooooooooops I forgot about that check up. I had better make an appointment! Thanks for reminding me :D

    Yea Japanese kids are tiny. The parents are just jealous coz our kids are moochymoochy and genki and that :D Glad the check up went well! Looking forward to seeing you both soon !

  4. Oh my god you crack me up (and Tak who listens to me read the funny parts). He particularly enjoyed this one as he even lowered the TV volume to hear the Wayne Rooney and Surfers paragraph! Yay! Wowza! Banzai!
    Bring on another episode of your life Xx