Thursday 22 July 2010

Stop that small North Korean boy!!!!

OK, there has been lots of bitching and moaning going on lately, so I thought I'd give you a chuckle at the ridiculousness of the alien SIL. There are some bitching undertones but it's all very tongue-in-cheek, and 'it's so racist it's hilarious...'

First of all, I should point out that I am incredibly lucky in my life, reading some lovely gaijin ladies' blogs of late and it seems the shitty god has been dealing out some crap to foreign women in Japan, so despite Ryochan being a cock, Ashton being one big tanty, and the in-laws being extremely annoying, I do actually have it very very good!
Howwwwwwever, alien SIL has done it yet again, her asian-hating ways had been quite tame of late, but her racism reared it's ugly head yesterday when she started scribbling furiously on all of Ashton's outside toys...

I was curious as to what she was doing, although the fact that she was writing random shit on random objects wouldn't have surprised me, all over the in-laws' house her name is scribbled. On walls, the bathroom mirror, the shower door, the toilet door. I never bothered to ask why she felt the need to write her name on surfaces of the house, maybe I should though... Anyway, I leaned over her shoulder and saw a huge pile of Ash's toys spread out on the floor, the toys were divided into two groups, inside toys and outside toys. And there she was, happily writing away all over his toys, now this didn't concern me too much but I felt the need to ask what the fuck she was doing anyway, this is how it went:

ME: What are you doing?

ALIEN: Writing Ash's name on all his toys that go outside.

ME: Ohhh, that's a good idea, so he will be able to start reading his name, right? (I couldn't really think of any other reason) You should write half of them in Japanese and half of them in English!!!

ALIEN: NO! It's so that dirty little north Korean next door doesn't pinch them!!!

ME:..................... (Thinking, "must blog this later....")

So she was writing his name on all the toys because she didn't want the poor kid next door (who's parents and grandparents were born in Japan but is still a dirty-blooded Korean according to the alien) to get his little Korean hands on any of Ash's toys. What a bitch!! I should point out too, that this kid is 2 years old, smaller than Ash and gets bullied BY ASH! Ash is usually the one taking all the toys off the poor little bugger. Plus, he doesn't actually live next door, it's his grandmother's house, but apparently the alien is preparing in advance for when his mum has her second baby and they go back to the jikka. She actually really thought it through too.
And to show you just how meticulously she has planned 'operation no Korean sticky fingers' here are a few photos of some poor little fishes who have been branded by her, they are seriously teeny weeny fishes that will probably get lost down a drain somewhere rather than stolen by the poor little boy. She'll have to make an inventory list too...


  1. I nominate SIL to be the one who meticuliously writes Ash's name on every single tiny piece of his school equipment when he becomes as 1-nensei. Tell her his school is riddled with North Koreans and Chinese and sit back with a pina colada while she does all the work for you :)

  2. Crazy lady. Although I think that Sarah has a point, you now know exactly who to nominate to write names on every little thing he takes to school!! :-)

    I always hated the treatment of Japan-born Koreans. It was always weird because growing up in the UK we obviously had lots of friends with parents from different countries (HK, Jamaica etc.) but we never categorised them as anything other than fellow Brits because they were born here and were often more British than me!! :-)

  3. wow, your SIL is i have no words!

  4. Dear Fish. Kiss the Onsen goodbye. No fish with tats. Poor buggers... :P

  5. Someone find this woman a Korean BF LOL
    Well that or a shrink.How can someone hate a 2 y/o kid? Kids are cute and innocent...and cute. What's wrong with this woman? That's just insane.

  6. Racism towards a fellow Asian! Who'da thunk it huh? But Takeshi always comes back with, "Japanese aren't Asian, we're Island-Pacificers". Oh whatever! Lol. (he's not racist by the way, as far as i know lol)

    Maybe you should invite the Korean boy over to play with Ash (and not be bullied of course!), while SIL is over? ;) Or just start learning some Korean and trying it out on her.

    I'm really getting to see how....backwards and weird your SIL really is! If my SIL was this way, I'd pull out all my hair....or hers.

  7. Haha that is hilarious. It really is...

    I think you should steal something of hers (like her Keitai or pet dog) and blame it on the Korean. And then her head would explode .... "dooooshiyoDOSHIYOOODOSHIYYYYYYYYYY *Pop* "

    Or Find Ash a nice north Korean girl friend.