Friday 2 July 2010

Why indeed mother f#@%!&r!!!

I soooo tempted fate when I wanted something to happen yesterday. Don't worry, no random wanking incidents of nudity of any kind, just a passive aggressive non-starter fight resulting in me just getting extremely pissed off but not being arsed shouting.

So let me give you the background on yesterday... we were busy at the school and MIL is still in Thailand so Ryota asked me if he should take a half day off to help me around the busy 5 o clock time. I said yes yes yes please! It was going to help me out if he could pick Ash up from kindy, get dinner and bath organised. You know, which I do EVERY FUCKING day... So he gets home at lunch time and I was busy planning lessons and getting explanations ready for the trial lesson that was coming in when I realised I'd fucked up and possibly double booked a lesson. It was my fuck-up to be fair but I put part of the blame on MIL who booked the kids lesson but then didn't write down which day he was starting and then pissed off to Thailand. (bitter much?) Anyway, practical female that I am, I was like, 'OK, there's been a stuff up but let's just deal with it.' Spilt milk and all that. I asked Ryota to call and ask the dude who was double booked for 6 to come in at 7. I'm not too bad with Japanese on the phone but apologies make me nervous with all their keigo requirements. He was pissed he had to call and kept asking me why I'd fucked up... FUCK OFF! Seriously, don't talk to me like I'm 5 fucking years old. I'm doing everything at the school by myself and he gets shitty when he has to make one phone call. Arse.

So next he says, OK, I'M going to the manga kissaten (comic coffee shop) and I was like, OK, can't really help me at the school anymore anyway. And I said at least 5 times that he had to pick Ash up at 4. 3:50 and he's still nowhere to be seen and phone not picking up. Arse.

I had a list written for him but when I finally got through to him he insisted I said 4:30, which is such bullshit, he just got engrossed in fucking manga. However I pulled it together and told him to go to kindy now and just ask the teacher about all the crap he has to bring home. Pathetic arse.

So I taught lessons back to back from 5 till 9 and was buggered when I finally got home and as I walk in the door to the house in a shambles he says: "I'm so tired." because that's exactly what you want to hear when you've just worked your arse off and come home. I was quick to snap and reminded him I do this shit with Ash everyday while working and never ever bitch to him when he comes home from work. (much...)

The final straw was when I had to make my own dinner and discovered this little gem sitting on the kitchen table

Sorry, I can't work out how to flip it so you'll have to strain your neck, but it's basically a list of all the things that I've done to piss him off with random "whys" scattered around. We have such whys as: Why double booking? Why are there rotten bananas? Why don't I know where Ash's face cream is? Why don't I know if I can eat the eggs or not?

And I have the answer my friends.


Stupid tit. He fucking has the balls to write a fucking list while I'm out working. Mother fucking hell I was pissed but as I mentioned just too buggered to bother having it out. I was pretty upset though and I think he got the guilts because I said I wasn't going to have dinner and just go to bed but he managed to make me cup ramen. Woo fucking hoo.

If any of you have him on facebook you'll also know his status was "why why why" FUCKER!!!

Let's hope for a boring post tomorrow... really.


  1. i can't help but giggle (don't hate me!), maybe because yoshi does almost the same thing. he's such a baby sometimes!!

    hope tomorrow is smooth sailing!

  2. WTF is with the lists... I still haven't seen the one Ryohei keeps on me.

    I think you need to slam a door on Ryota's chin-chin... (just hope you don't plan on having more kids soon)

    Fucker indeed

  3. once I had a hubby like that- I got rid of him- :)