Sunday 25 July 2010

Just call me st kolin...

Patron gaijin saint of all that is good, I did my good deed for the year and donated blood today!

We went on a shopping expedition to find my sister a birthday present and the blood bus happened to be at the shopping centre and if I have the time I always give blood, cos you know, we might need that shit one day!!

Now ryota doesn't see the point in giving blood, he's never needed any therefore feels he never will and got quite pissed when I said I was going to donate, I shamed him for not at least supporting my decision, even if he doesn't donte himself!! Wanker, the only reason he was cut was because he would have to look after ash by himself for 20 minutes and OH MY GOD, shock horror!!! There wasn't one of his female relatives within a 1km radius to bail his lazy arse out. I then told him that he could suck it up for a few minutes seeing as though I take ash shopping with me all the freaking time and it's really not that big of a deal. twit still bitched and moaned though and even tried to sabotage my donation by saying to the guy, "she has tattoo!!! She has like 5!!!" the guy looked at him like he was a twit and told him it was fine, and rightfully so.

I started to give blood to get over my fear of needles but I actually like it now, and it didn't hurt at all today but like a big dickhead I fucking killed my arm when I ripped the band aid off, so I leave you from the annoying Sunday phone blog with evidence of my stupidity...

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  1. Yay - good on you for doing your part :)
    I'm not allowed to donate blood here as I was in England before 1995... something to do with mad cow I think.

    Zannnnnen~~~~ whats your blood type btw? I see you as an "O" but then again thats what I should be too but I'm not ;)

    Hope your arm feels better soon xx

  2. They let you donate? I have tried twice and they always turned me away. I figured they didn't want my gaijin tainted blood, but now I have to assume it was cause I don't really speak Japanese.

    haha your husband is shocking, can't believe he would try to sabotage your donation. o.O

    take care of that arm, band-aid injuries are worse than the original ones

  3. Don't you have a tattoo? I got turned down several times because I had a tattoo - and I got it fricken years ago.

  4. Sara- I'm ab+ which is like the rarest type I think!

    Danielle- yup I filled out a zillion forms when I first donated (and I did it right in the middle of Osaka city so I think they were used to gaijin) and got a card that seems to have made the set up really easy after that!

    Gw- yup the geezer said as long as I hadn't had a tattoo on the last year it was all good (and I do have 5!) you can't donate if you've given birth recently or are breadtfeeding though, haven't you been in one of those categories for a good few years? Hehe ;)

  5. hahah good on you Corinne! I have been told they don't want my rubbish gaijin blood either. I guess you just look a lot more trustworthy than the rest of us eh :D

  6. Good for you, I usually get turned away from being borderline anemic. Will keep trying though!

    Your guy usually sounds pretty alright but wtf trying to dissuade your from giving blood? How selfish.