Thursday 29 July 2010

My wannabe bad boy!

So, was going through some of Ryota's old photos last night, (another thing I miss about home, not being able to go through old photos whenever I want!!) and came across some photos of when he was a little punk bad boy. The longer I get to know him, the more shocking his little 'gang' antics are. Over the last two years I have slowly gained knowledge of shocking stories of sex, alcohol, stealing various things including a police car joy ride, and various other sordid little tales! A far cry from my studious Junior high school days!

So here are a few funny pics we dug up and had a bit of a giggle over. Let's hope he doesn't see these, he'd kill me if he knew all you lovely readers were laughing at his expense!

With a fellow gang member. They all had crazy hair colours and they each had a coloured suit, Ryo-chan was "Mr Red..."

How old can that kid on the right be!? Ryota was a chain smoker by the time he was 13!

Peace signs look innocent?? Look closer, Ryota is the one sitting down with a cup of alcohol and a ciggie in his hand!!

Little bit older, strike that hard arse pose!

This one was post tattoo, so after his brain had been injected with rebel western influence after a year in America "studying" AKA smoking dope. Love the hard arse pose in front of some storybook character picture AND that hair!!!!

There are many more incriminating snaps that grandma was going through, she didn't seem to flinch even when there were photos of Ryota smoking when he was like, 12!
Apparently they had quite a tight little group with their gang status and were feared in the Junior high school world. Woooooooo.
I'm glad Ryota got on the straight and narrow though, a few of the gang members have ended up in jail, and one guy we occasionally still see is a host!
The kid in the second photo with the ciggie in his mouth died when he was 15 after speeding off on his scooter and straight into an oncoming car right near our house, we always go slow when we come to that corner in case some other punk kid is doing the same thing...

Ryota's BFF was also part of the gang, but he's also on the straight and narrow salary man path and apparently never really fit in to the bad boy scene either. It's funny how certain things can change your life so dramatically, if Ryota hadn't gone to America, he probably would have stayed in Japan and got into more trouble, and probably would never have met me!

Rice fields and babies...a far cry from the bad boy days...

Also worth a mention is my mini bad boy is one and a half today, can really not believe how quickly time is going. Happy 1 and a half birthday son!


  1. UNBELIEVABLE photos!!!!! Can I start calling him Mr Red now? Please please please!!!
    Kisses to Ashy-boo for his 1.5 birthday!!!

  2. you need to get Ash a whole lot of flags to hang off the back of his trike so he can go round the neighborhood yelling out broom broom.

    Love the bad ass photo with the tat and hair but in front of cartoon calendar. Great. Such a contrast that photo of daddy and Ash. He's straightened out so much - you've only got to straighten him out a little bit more :)

  3. LOVE the photos.;-) It is always fun seeing what people were like when they were much younger.
    Happy 1.5 birthday to Ash. Joey keeps proudly announcing that he is 5 and one quarter, won't be long before Ash is doing the same!!! :-)

  4. I love seeing old photos too. The last photo of him with the punk hair is a crack up!

    And look at the difference in the last photo when he is with Ash! Ryota got better looking as he got older- what a lovely hub you have!

  5. Great pics! (love the last one of you and Ash sleeping) and happy 1.5 b`day to Ash :)

  6. Fantastic I live unearthing old pics especially liked the stories you attached to each. Like a biography of sorts - super interesting! Just asked Tak where his pics are... dun dun dun...