Friday 16 July 2010

One of those bleedin days.

Literally and non. I can safely say that this has been one of the most fucked up days in a long time, nothing serious, just a series of events that have all added up to me feeling like I need a bottle of gin and a joint to calm the fuck down and relax a bit!

OK, first and possibly worst thing happened this morning, I went for my usual run after dropping Ash off at kindy, all good, felt great! So got home and was incredibly sweaty, as in dripping all over the place. So of course, I stripped off to my knickers and bra and did my general cleaning up duties that come after jogging (all inside). Then it came to getting the wet washing from the machine. Now I had a dilemma, put clothes on and go out and get the washing, or, discreetly lean out the sliding door in my naked glory and reach out to get the washing. Of course a logical, sane person would just put clothes on, but being hot and lazy, I went for the lean with full knowledge that the next door neighbour was fixing his fence so if I did go outside I would be in full view. And of course, sweaty hands plus leaning chubby gaijin equals I went arse over tit (literally) and ended up sprawled in a heap after doing a full on body splat on the concrete next to the washing machine.

OK, if you're grossed out by feet (or hairy legs for that matter) look away now. If bloody toes gross you out probably best not to look either...

So this was the end result, managed to scrape myself up and cut my toe in the process!! Ouch!!

My upper thigh also has some lovely bruising but I'll spare you the thunder thighs piccie.

On to the next crappy thing then!
As you may know, Ryota has been bitching about his new surfboard for a while now and thinks he's found a cheap one at a factory in Australia, which means I have to call and ask how much, shipping blah blah blah. Cool, no worries, I can call it's no biggie. I rarely call overseas anymore apart from using skype so I had no idea how international calls are done, luckily MIL has a number she knows where you call and then they transfer you through to the international number for a cheaper rate. So she gave me the number but I couldn't get through, then I tried my mum's number and also couldn't get through so knew there was something wrong with the dialling. I tried dropping the zero, leaving the zero, country code, no country code, star key, hash key, every fucking key combination there is and I can't get through. Sooooo fucking frustrating!! Gaijin peeps any advice?? Do you use an international calling service!!?? Hellllllllpppp!!!

But what made it a million times annoying, Ryota called my mobile about 15 times asking if I'd called yet, then gave me a tone of voice like, 'you're not trying hard enough' when I told him I couldn't get through! Mother fucker! I almost lost it, considering I was supposed to be working at the time but I was calling about his cunting surfboard!!! I gave up in the end, he'll just have to wait.

OK, next. My pencil sharpener doesn't work!!!! The fact that this is annoying me so much is evidence of how much the other two things pissed me off, usually I wouldn't care so much, but I paid a good 315 yen for the fucker and now all the pencils come out like this....

Which leads me to make this face....

And finally, do this...

Dear today,

Please just fuck off.


Corinne teacher.


  1. You should just use your skype to call internationally. If you put on 500-1000¥, you can make several calls. I put 2000¥ a year ago and I still have plenty of times and I have called several times to the long wait times of customer service in America.

  2. Poor toe! Looks nasty, thank god it`s summer and you can just wear thongs til it gets better.

    As for the O/S calling, I use Brastel (you can pick up the cards free anywhere, if you can`t find them I can put a bunch in the post for you)`s straightforward, cheap as, and they are re-chargeable at the convenience store.

    Good luck with the board shopping, and slap Ryota down and tell him to are kind enough to do this for him :)

  3. ah, on days like this I do go to bed earlier so as to get it over and done with! Helps, cos then you are more refreshed the next day.

    If it helps, you are not the only one to lean out the door in her undies to get the washing! I do that often, though I haven't fallen yet. However one night I crashed to the ground after seeing if the hammock would swing from the laundry poles. Not with me on it, FAIL

  4. So, when you went splat, did you squeal which made the guy next door notice you? That's what I'd have done.