Friday 23 July 2010

Foto Friday

Not much to report today, I'm sweating in places I never knew were there, (eew) had a pretty cruisey Friday with a few lessons and a coffee in between with Sassymoo and her Princess. Feeling a bit drained after getting chores done, lesson planned, shopping done, dinner cooked, and jogging all done before 11am.

So here are the beach piccies, finally!

Our view of the beach...

TITS! WTF haha. Nice smile from the wee lad though.

Sassymoo's cute little family...

My boys + dim wit BIL...

Ashton after smacking his head somewhere it seems...

There are lots more that I can't be arsed uploading, I'll put them on FB now so have a squiz there, happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god - that is so exactly how I imagined your BIL to look!

    Very productive getting all that in by 11am. Getting the run in early is good. I can never be assed doing exercise later on in the day.

    Dito on the sweat - not bloody pleasant at all. And yay for cleavage that goes up to your neck. Bet you get a bit of attention :)