Friday 9 July 2010

Foto Friday

Is back!! And I promise good camera piccies, not the crappy iphone ones. Why is it back? Because I have nothing else to say! Respect to people who update daily all the time, it's kinda hard to find interesting things to say apart from the daily humdrum that is my life and is just about as exciting as reading about watching paint dry...

Last night's festival was ok, I'm glad I went and bought Ash a jinbei in the morning, or otherwise he would have been the only kid without one as well as the only kid who wasn't a pure blood. I only caught the last 15 minutes (probably a good thing!) because I had to work, but the teachers had assured me in the day that if I could make the last 15 minutes it would be the best part, the fireworks!!! Wooo I was excited, I always enjoy a good fireworks display! As it turned out it was a few of the dads lighting supermarket fire works. But Ash enjoyed them even if I was muttering in English how lame they were. Ash also got a goody bag with age inappropriate snacks (big hard lollies!) which he ate for breakfast and almost choked on. Sweet. The mothers didn't ignore me too much, the one mum who can speak English came and talked to me (in Japanese!) and MIL youroshiku onegaishimasu-ed for her to "help me" in the future. FUCK OFF with the asking people to help your dumb foreign daughter in law, seriously! But that's a whinge for another day.

OK, on to the piccies!

Ash's ride home! We ended up with Ryota and I on the big bike, MIL and Ash on the scooter and I pulled Onechan rank on BIL and made him cycle up the bastard hill on my bright purple bicycle, baby seat and all.

Sweaty family shot.

Ash in front of his and all his mates' hand prints. Kawaaaaiiiii!!

Not too sure about this ball game business Obachan...

Oooooo Jellyfish....

Daddy explaining the wonders of the ocean to Ash...

Little turtle popping up to say Hi.

The wonders of fish

BBQ housewarming at Sassymoo's house.


  1. wow - real BBQ set up at sassymoos!! Nice.

    Great pics - Ash looks great in his summer festival gears.

    Updating blog everyday is hard but not many people do it and I get, not pissed off - more like withdrawal, when people don't update for friggen ages. I don't mind reading everyday humdrum so am guessing other people out there don't either. Ganbatte.

  2. Gaijin Wife, there's a BBQ and a shitload of beer with your name on it anytime you want to escape to Kansai. Kidlets and pachinko loving husband also welcome.

    Love the pics C! Can't even tell you guys are sweaty in the family shot.
    And I love that you pulled rank on BIL! So freaking funny!!!

  3. Awesome looking BBQ. And a deck. So nice. I want one.

    Your MIL yoroshiku onegaishimasing people on your behalf pisses me off.

    Cute photos- Love the one of ash on the bike and him in front of the art but my favourite is the one of the three of you!